Minnesota Police concerned about increase In child sex abuse cases

With the recent arrest of a D’Iberville man on charges of sexually abusing three children between the age of 10 to 15, law enforcement officials remain concerned about the increasing frequency of this type of crime. D’Iberville Police Department Captain Keith Davis told WLOX News, this is the seventh child abuse case his department has investigated in less than two years. For this small city, that’s seven too many.

“We have seen cases where the person responsible was a victim themselves of child abuse; we have seen cases where the individual claimed to have some type of sickness,” Davis said.

He feels the reasons for the act are as varied as those who commit the crimes, but when it involves the sexual abuse of a child, there seems to be one common denominator.

“In the cases I have been involved with all my law enforcement career, the victim has always told me that the suspect told me not to say anything to my parents,” he said.

Captain Davis also said it is his personal opinion that those involved in these cases, truly believe they have a relationship with the victim that is strong enough, that the victim will keep it a secret.

“That in itself is a huge problem,” Davis said. “If we could get out to these individuals and get it in their minds that the victims are going to tell.”

Captain Davis also had some advice for parents.

Talk to your children. Reinforce to your children that there are bad people out there.

The tools available to track down children predators are much more sophisticated today than just a decade ago.

Davis wanted anybody involved in doing bad things to children to understand law enforcement will find you.

“Whatever it takes to prevent a child from being hurt, we are going to utilize every asset that we have,” Captain Davis said.

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