Telling or reporting child abuse of another kid (for kids)

Tattle Tale It’s sometimes hard to tell someone that you are being abused or that someone you know is being abused. But, if you think someone is being abused then you must tell somebody about it.  If you don’t tell anyone, the person hurting the kid cannot get help and the person who is being abused may get hurt even worse.

You can report child abuse without anyone knowing by calling your local child protection agency (CPS) or your local police or sheriff.  They will take “anonymous” cries for help.

What information is needed

When you tell someone make sure you have enough information about the child that is being hurt. You need to know their name and how old they are but still tell someone even if you don’t know their name or age.  Just try to get as much information about the person being hurt as you can.

Of course, if you see a kid being hurt then you need to tell someone really fast. Even if you just hear someone saying they are going to hurt a kid you should tell someone. This is not “tattling” as some kids call it. This is saving a kid from getting hurt really bad.  In fact, you’ll be a hero.

When you tell someone about a kid being hurt, important people will come and check on the kid. They will make sure they are ok. They will also talk to the person that is hurting them to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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