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Resources for victims of child abuse


Child Abuse Statute of Limitations for each State in the United States

The statute of limitations, or the time that must expire before legal proceedings can no longer be initiated, differs for each state. In many cases it can be very confusing. Here you will find the statute of limitations for child abuse civil and criminal cases for each state in the United States.


Report a Child Abuser

Afraid to contact the local authorities about a child abuse incident or would rather remain anonymous? You may report an child abuser here.

Child abuse reporting contacts for each state

The following are a list of state toll-free numbers for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains an up-to-date list on their website.

National and local assistance

Contact information for promonent organzations that specialize in child abuse assistance. These resources are broken down and categorized at a national level and at a state level. These are good starting points if you need face-to-face, personal assistance.

Other online resources

Here are links to other 3rd party online resources recommended by Angel Roar.