SC child abuse rate matches rise in jobless rate

Researches have found that statistics in South Carolina support research showing parallels between rising unemployment and child abuse.  The Greenville News reported Monday that Boston University researchers examining 18 years of data found that for every 1 percent increase in unemployment, child mistreatment reports one year later increased by at least .5 per 1,000 children.  The results of the study support widely held views that indicate tough economic times impact children in areas outside of the normal economic impact that would be expected.

South Carolina’s Department of Social Services investigated nearly 19,000 cases over the last fiscal year, an increase of almost 7 percent.  The number of proven cases rose nearly 3 percent to nearly 7,000.  South Carolina’s unemployment rate shot from 5.5 percent in February 2008 to 12.5 percent last January.  The rate has fluctuated this year and was 10.7 percent last month.

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