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Child Protective Services (CPS) – a Broken and Flawed System

The Child Protective System (CPS) is broken and when CPS fails, children die. Over 1,000 children die of neglect or torture each year. In the care of CPS, studies have shown that children are 600% more likely to die a horrific death. In 2007, the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) reported 1,760 child fatalities attributed to child abuse. Of those, more than half had prior Child Protective Services involvement before their deaths.


Studies show child abuse increases during recessions

During a recession the loss of jobs results in added stress, anxiety, and depression for those unfortunate enough to be severely impacted by an economic downtown. Sadly, that implications of a economic downturn trickle downward and affects the children of those who have lost jobs or other revenue streams. Studies have proven that during economic downturns, the rate of child abuse cases does indeed rise.


What to do if you discover your child has been sexually abused

Finding out your child, or any child, has been sexually abused sends waves of anger, hurt, and despair throughout your body. You must remain in control though and keep your emotions in check, especially when in front of the child. If the child made the disclosure herself then this is all the more important. When you discover that your child has been sexually abused, follow these steps.


I’m a kid that is being abused – what should I do?

First off, lets get two things straight. Write these down, say them to yourself three times a day, whatever it takes to get these two things in your head. They are VERY important. (1) This is not your fault. (2) You must tell someone about this. Here’s how to do it.

National and local assistance

Contact information for promonent organzations that specialize in child abuse assistance. These resources are broken down and categorized at a national level and at a state level. These are good starting points if you need face-to-face, personal assistance.