About Angel Roar

The creation of the Angel Roar

Angel Roar was conceived shortly after my first personal association with a victim of sexual child abuse.  After taking responsibility for the well being of a child abuse survivor, I began in-depth research into the near-epidemic child abuse problem.  As I worked closely with government agencies dedicated to caring for abused children and family members who could not fathom this could happen to one of their own, I was stunned at what I experienced.  Well meaning but inept government agencies, bungled police investigations that left child abusers free to walk the streets, and counseling and medical professionals overwhelmed with red tape and paperwork that distracted them from the most important objective – the well-being of the abused child.  I found that victims of child abuse often do not receive adequate help that they so desperately need.  In addition, I discovered (to my frustration) how difficult it was to find intelligent, accurate, and easy-to-understand information on the often stigmatic subject.

Angel Roar aims to teach kids about the child abuse epidemic and the importance of disclosure (“thy power can but whisper”) and to assist parents in understanding how common the problem of child abuse really is and how to cope with a child abuse incident. Angel Roar provides a source of open, “in your face” commentary and news about the child abuse problem while providing interactive, community based services to assist both parents and children in their recovery from the abuse.

About the Angel Roar tagline

“Let not thy will roar, when thy power can but whisper”

Thomas FullerThe Angel Roar tagline is an inspiring quote from Thomas Fuller.  Fuller was an English churchman and historian born in 1608.  This famous quote was intended to describe the actual influencing power of the people and their abilities to control their lives or even their surroundings as per their wish.  Political in nature, its meaning applies to victims of abuse by pointing out that they do indeed have the power to overcome the tragedy of their abuse.

You can read more about Thomas Fuller here.