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FBI seized a child-porn website with 215,000 users

A Federal Bureau of Investigation search warrant has provided a rare glimpse into the increasingly complex efforts of U.S. law enforcement to combat child pornography online, leading to the seizure this year of a...


Google and Microsoft agree to implement technology to restrict child-pornography images in search results

Google today made a stunning, but welcome, U-Turn when they agreed to introduce changes which will prevent child-pornography images and videos from appearing for more than 100,000 different searches. The company’s chairman Eric Schmidt, writing in today’s Daily Mail ahead of a Downing Street summit on internet pornography, says, “We’ve listened. We’ve fine-tuned Google Search to prevent links to child sexual abuse material from appearing in our results.”


Online sex ads complicate crackdowns on teen trafficking

Behind every adult service ad on the internet is a story. Sometimes it’s a story of a grown woman who has chosen prostitution as a path to a better life. More often, it’s a story of a woman being forced to sell her body by a pimp.