Report a Child Abuser

PoliceBadge Are you afraid to contact the local authorities about a child abuse incident or would rather remain anonymous?  You may report an child abuser here.  Remember to provide details (name, age, address, incident report) and we’ll contact the authorities on your behalf.  Enter your report in the Comments section below.  Reports are moderated and only published after personal details have been passed on to police and removed from the report.

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  1. ihateyou says:

    Abuser: XXXX Lee

    Address: HIDDEN
    East Bridgewater‎ MA‎ 02333

    Age: 18

    Type of abuse: Child Neglect

    This girl has been in/out of rehab for drug & alcohol abuse and now has a 4 month old baby that she leaves in the care of other people while she goes out and continues to illegally abuse drugs and alcohol…

    She lives in her elderly grandmothers house with NAME HIDDEN, her mother NAME HIDDEN,(who also abuses drugs and alcohol), her 9 yr old sister NAME HIDDEN who is emotionally abused, and her drug dealing boyfriend NAME HIDDEN.

    There are people coming and going from the house at all hours of the night it’s very concerning.

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