Amsterdam Pedophile Arrest Prompts Warnings to Parents

Amsterdam says preschool pedophile arrested after US tip, dozens of children possibly involved

According to AP, Parents of dozens of preschool children in Amsterdam have been warned their children may have been abused by a baby sitter in one of the worst sexual abuse cases to come to light in the Netherlands.

Authorities say a 27-year-old suspect was arrested after a tip from U.S. authorities about child pornography. The man’s computers have been seized and he has confessed to dozens of sex crimes at two Amsterdam daycare centers over the past 18 months, police chief Herman Bolhaar said at a press conference Sunday.

The man was identified as a Dutch citizen originally from Riga, Latvia. His name was not released but police published his photo because he also worked as a freelance baby sitter. Police are investigating whether there are more suspects and victims.

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