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Tell Your Story

One of the most effective means to healing is to open up and tell your story. Post your abuse story below.


How to Spot a Sex Offender in a Crowd

Can you spot a sex offender in a crowd? Most likely, no. But research studies have shown that sexual offenders and pedophiles do exhibit common traits. Taken individually, most of us demonstrate some of these traits ourselves. But taken as a whole, these traits should should be considered warning signs that something may be amiss.

Google Engineer Fired for Accessing Teens’ Gmail, Chat Logs 0

Google Engineer Fired for Accessing Teens’ Gmail, Chat Logs

Google this week confirmed that it fired an engineer who accessed the Gmail and Google Voice accounts of several minors and taunted those children with the information he uncovered. David Barksdale worked in Google’s Kirkland, Wash. office as a site reliability engineer, where he had access to user accounts. As first reported by Gawker, Barksdale accessed the Gmail and Google Voice accounts of several teenagers he met through a local technology group, and made them aware of the data he’d uncovered.


Puerto Rico: A Haven For U.S. Sex Offenders

Jeffrey Allen Weathers moved from Alaska to an oceanfront apartment in the Caribbean, but his new neighbors soon suspected the heavyset American hadn’t come for the sun. The FBI now says they were right.

Weathers, with convictions for sexual assault and possession of child pornography in his past, had moved to a small Puerto Rican town in the belief he could avoid registering as a sex offender and live without that stigma.


Should the Czech Republic stop surgically castrating sex offenders?

The Czech Republic has recently been criticized by the Council of Europe for surgically castrating sex offenders. In a EU report, they called surgical castration a degrading form of treatment, and recommended that Czech authorities abandon it. But most Czech sexologists and health care professionals disagree. They believe that surgical castration is the most effective form of preventing relapses.


Online sex ads complicate crackdowns on teen trafficking

Behind every adult service ad on the internet is a story. Sometimes it’s a story of a grown woman who has chosen prostitution as a path to a better life. More often, it’s a story of a woman being forced to sell her body by a pimp.


Surprise Stiff Sentence for Daycare Provider in Abuse Case

A Gardner daycare provider who pleaded “no contest” to child abuse charges as part of a plea agreement received a stunning surprise from a visiting judge, who gave the woman over two-and-a-half years in prison instead of the 30 days and probation she and her attorney’s agreed to.


Pervasive Abuse Found in Belgian Church

Sexual abuse of children reached all parts of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church, and it drove at least 13 victims to kill themselves, a report released Friday said. Peter Adriaenssens, a psychiatrist, presented a report on Friday about sexual abuse in Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church.


Prosecutors Detail Abuse in Brooklyn Girl’s Last Days

Two days after the bruised, emaciated body of a 4-year-old girl was discovered in a Brooklyn apartment, new information from officials emerged about her life and death as her mother on Saturday made her first appearance in court to face criminal charges.