Volunteer Information

HandsRaising Persons wishing to volunteer to assist child abuse victims or to fight for the prevention of child abuse have many options to choose from.  Your state’s Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) organization can put you in touch with volunteer organizations in your area.  Those who wish to work personally with abused children can volunteer as child advocates.  Those who have special language talents can volunteer as translators or public speakers.  And of course, many non-profits will accept donations of money, clothing, or other goods and services.

The Network for Good organization provides a list of child abuse volunteer opportunities as well as a searchable list of local organizations that could use your assistance.

Angel Roar has needs for volunteers too.  Especially needed are professional counselors who can assist with questions and answers in the Angel Roar online forums.  Volunteers should possess counseling credentials and be willing to monitor boards and report status.

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